iBride.com terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions were published on 06.04.2014 and last updated on 10.05.2018.


Customers or Clients – website visitors looking to purchase wedding products and services.
Vendors – businesses or individuals who provide wedding-related services, showcase and sell them on iBride.com platform.
iBride or Platform – iBride.com website and iBride mobile applications.
Company – IBRIDE LTD, United Kingdom limited company number 08482028, registered office address/business address: 30 Sherwood Way, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8GY, UK.
Service or Package – any service or set of services advertised on the Platform by the Vendor.
User - a Vendor or a Customer registered on the Platform.
Booking confirmation – electronic confirmation issued by the Platform at the moment when the Customer has paid for Vendor’s service via iBride.
Wedding Date – the date when the service requested by the Client should be rendered by the Vendor
Payments Provider – PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., Société en Commandite par Actions, Registered Office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg, RCS Luxembourg B 118 349.


By using the website you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

iBride.com is a marketplace for destination wedding packages. The Platform is operated by IBRIDE LTD (the Company) a Limited Company in England and Wales organised under the laws of the United Kingdom.

iBride does not provide any wedding services directly to Customers. iBride is an advertising platform where Vendors advertise their portfolio and sell their services.

Customers can contact Vendors, request quotes for services and book the services via the platform. The service rendered to the Customer is only provided by the Vendors advertised on the Platform, and never by the Platform or the Company.

Only registered Users can communicate to other Users of the Platform. The registration is free for both Clients and Vendors.

All content of the Platform, including User profiles, packages, reviews and communication between Users is recorded and moderated by iBride staff. Moderation is conducted based on these Terms and Conditions. However, any content-related decision may be made by iBride member of staff at their own discretion without additional explanation.

The Wedding Date must be agreed by the Client and the Vendor before the booking is made.

By using the website you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.

Vendors rights and responsibilities

It is a responsibility of every Vendor to make sure their packages do not mislead customers, provide a good quality description of their products and services and true photos and prices.

In case a misleading package is found on the Platform, the Platform has the right to remove such content from the website at its own discretion.

It is prohibited for the Vendor to take the communication with the Client outside of the Platform before the booking has been completed by the Client. Any attempts to communicate to the Client directly via email, messengers, social networks or phone will be blocked. It is also forbidden to prompt a Client to use search engines to find Vendor’s website in order to establish direct contact. If there are repeated attempts, the Vendor will be blocked and their packages removed from the platform.

It is strictly prohibited for Vendors to contact other Vendors and offer their services and products via iBride platform.

It is Vendor’s responsibility to make sure their iBride login details are kept safe and secure so that no unauthorised person could get possession of those and use the Vendor’s iBride account illegally.

Packages of the Vendors violating any of these Terms and Conditions can be removed from the Platform at the Company’s sole discretion without a notice.

The Vendor has the right to place unlimited number of packages on the Platform. However, iBride does not guarantee every Vendor the placement of all their packages. All content published on iBride is pre-moderated and can be rejected at the Platform’s discretion.

The Vendor must read and accept iBride Moderation Rules and Regulations https://ibride.com/rules/

The Vendor must reply to the Clients within reasonable time of up to 10 business days from the request. Any vendor content ignoring clients requests can be removed from the Platform.

The Vendor can customise the Package and its price depending on the Customer’s request, but this should be done before the booking is confirmed. After the Booking Confirmation and payment the price of the package cannot be changed and the service must be rendered to the client.

To receive payments and communicate with Customers the Vendors should accept Terms and Conditions for Vendors and provide the correct payout details that will be used to transfer funds from the Client.

The Vendor is responsible for providing services to the Client as per the information advertised in the Package placed on iBride and the discussion with the Client via the Platform. It is their responsibility to communicate with the Client and make sure their services are of the best possible quality.

By placing their package on the iBride platform, the Vendor accepts that Clients who used their services may review them on the Platform and the review will become publicly available. These reviews cannot be removed from the platform by Vendor’s request, unless authorised by the Client. iBride will aim to make sure only genuine reviews are posted on the Platform and may remove any of them at its own discretion, without notifications and explanations.

Customer rights and responsibilities

Customers have free access to the information published on the platform. To communicate with other users, registration is required.

Customers can contact an unlimited number of Vendors requesting information about their services. Requests of other nature may be removed from the Platform. Spam accounts will be blocked immediately at iBride staff’s discretion.

Customers must make themselves available for communication with the Vendor to explain the details of services they require.

Customers should report any misleading information found in Vendors’ packages to the Platform.

Customers may review Vendors and Packages they booked via iBride. Only packages booked via the Platform can be reviewed. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure the review is genuine and unbiased. The Platform aims to verify all reviews and may remove any of them at its sole discretion without a notification and notice.

It is prohibited for the Client to take the communication with the Vendor outside of the Platform before the booking has been completed. Any attempts to communicate to the Vendor directly via email, messengers, social networks, phone or any other means will be blocked. It is also forbidden to prompt a Vendor to use search engines to find Client’s contact details online in order to establish direct contact. For repeated attempts, a Client account will be blocked.

To book a service, a Client must make a payment according to the Payments, Refunds and Cancellations policy described in these Terms and Conditions and strictly via iBride Platform. It is client’s responsibility to provide valid payment information to the Platform and ensure both parts of the Payment are successfully charged.

It is Client’s responsibility to notify both the Platform and the Vendor in case the booking needs to be canceled, even if it has already become non-refundable according to the Refunds policy of these Terms and Conditions.

Payments, refunds and cancellations policy

To book a Service or a Package, the Client must pay for it by the means of electronic payments provided by the Platform. The Customer must provide valid payment information. This information will be securely stored by iBride’s Payments Provider regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

On the day of the booking, the Customer will be charged 50% of the total price of their package.

The booking can then be canceled by the Customer within the next 14 calendar days of the booking date. When canceled, the booking fee will be fully refunded to the Customer via the same means that has been used for the booking.

If not canceled within 14 days, the booking becomes non-refundable.

60 calendar days prior the Wedding Date, using the stored payment information, the Platform will attempt to automatically charge the Customer for the remaining 50% of the total price of their package. If unsuccessful, the Platform will notify the Client and will keep attempting until 30 days prior the Wedding Date.

It is client's responsibility to ensure the second half of the payment is made. If the second 50% charge has not been successful by the 30th day prior the Wedding Date, the booking will be deemed canceled, the Services booked shall not be provided by the Vendor and no refund shall be issued.

If the booking is made later than 60 calendar days before the Wedding Date, the booking will immediately be considered non-refundable and the initial payment will equal to 100% of the total Package price agreed between the Vendor and the Client.

The second payment is non-refundable immediately after the charge has been made.

The payment is made in the currency set by the package vendor. Due to currency exchange rates set by your bank, the amount taken from your card may vary.

Best price guarantee

The Company will match the price and give you a further discount of 100 Euro if the same package is found at a lower price on another website. Several conditions have to be met:

  • The package has to be provided by the same Vendor
  • The package offering has to be genuine. The Company reserves the right to check and confirm that with the Vendor
  • The price should be quoted for the same dates, number of guests and exactly the same set of services
  • The offer is valid only for the packages with "Best price guarantee" label

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

By using the Platform visitors agree that the Company can process their personal information in the ways set out in the Privacy Policy.

The Company will not disclose any personal information of its users, neither Clients nor Vendors, to any third parties and will ensure their contact information is not made public at any time.

The Company will not share or sell Users’ personal information to third parties.

The email address provided by a User at registration will be used to send Platform notifications, for example when they are contacted by another User or a Vendor is being requested a quote from a Client. The use of the email address is not limited to these examples.

If required, the Company may occasionally contact Users directly for business and marketing purposes using the contact information provided at registration or publicly available via other sources.

By using the Platform, visitors agree that the Platform uses cookies to provide a better service and a personalised experience.


To the best of the Company’s knowledge, all information placed on the iBride platform is true and correct, and the Company makes all efforts to ensure that it is always the case. However, iBride should not be liable for any incorrect information placed on the Platform by either Vendors or Customers, including packages and reviews. Liability for Users’ content is solely borne by the Users.

We aim to allow only quality Vendors to be listed on the Platform. However, in case of any disputes the Company shall not be liable for any services provided by the Vendors listed on the Platform as well as reviews left by the Customers. Any disputes between the Client and the Vendor should be resolved directly between them.

iBride reserves the rights to reject to comment or explain its actions regarding the modification of Platform’s content and communications between Vendors and Clients.