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Wedding officiants packages Utah, United States of America

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Salt Lake City, United States of America
Wedding Ceremony Contract Price for ceremonies on Friday, Saturday & Sunday $100.00 for ceremonies Monday-Thursday I/we, the undersigned, recognize that I/we are hiring the services of Miguel Carrasco, an ordained wedding minister authorized to perform the rite of marriage in the State of Utah on , 2016, starting at a.m. / p.m. at (venue) in , Utah. I/we hereby hire Miguel Carrasco to write and perform our wedding ceremony on the indicated date above. I/we, agree to pay at time of booking, as a non-refundable retainer. I/we realize that payments on my final balance can be made at any time, however; I/we also understand that the entire balance must be paid no later than the wedding date. Upon signature and receipt of deposit, Miguel Carrasco will reserve the time and date agreed upon, by signing the completed contract. I/we further understand that the contracted fee above is based on the wedding ceremony ending one (1) hour from the stated start time in this contract. Should the wedding start late due to no fault of Miguel Carrasco and not end within an hour of the contracted start time additional fees will be billed at $50.00 per quarter hour. I/we understand that Miguel Carrasco will maintain the original copy of this contract and that I will receive a copy for my files. LEGALITY OF MARRIAGE I/we also understand that it is my/our responsibility to possess a valid marriage license in the state of Utah and that the marriage license must be on the premises when the ceremony is performed. I/we understand that failure to have these legal documents means that Miguel Carrasco cannot legally perform the ceremony and is not obligated to do so, regardless of the inconvenience it may cause. REFUND POLICY I/we acknowledge that the amount that was paid as a retainer is non-refundable. However, if Miguel Carrasco cancels, we will receive a 100% refund on all payments made. I/we also understand that 75% of the work Miguel Carrasco dedicates to our wedding is prior to the actual wedding date, such as the planning, consultations, custom writing of the ceremony script etc. Therefore, I/we understand that if we cancel our wedding after Miguel Carrasco has completed their initial consultation with us (in person, via phone, or via email), and if a draft of our wedding ceremony has already been presented to us, we agree to pay 75% of the total amount of this contract. Both conditions must be met by Miguel Carrasco to be entitled to this payment. For cancellations within 14 days of the wedding date, there is no refund, and 100% of this contract will due to Miguel Carrasco. WEDDING DATE CHANGE If the wedding date is postponed or changed, the following rules will apply. If Miguel Carrasco has the new date available; the date will simply be changed and reserved under the new date. However, if Miguel Carrasco is already obligated on the new date, and is unable to officiate your wedding, then the initial security retainer of Half (1/2) is forfeited and Miguel Carrasco is relieved of all responsibilities set forth in this contract. I/we hereby affix my/our signature(s) in agreement to the terms of this contract: I hereby affix my signature in agreement to the terms of this contract and have officially reserved the date and times specified above: Miguel Carrasco