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Photography packages Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, Germany

Price per guest, USD
2 hours wedding photography
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
We will spend two hours together outside or at your wedding location and i will take great couple pictures of you and everything that happens around. How many Photos do we get? It depends on how long you book me, but i can tell you, that it will be many on a day like this. They will all be Edited when i send them to you and will come on a USB Device or a DVD, depending on how many i Took. On Top, i will provide a online Gallery, so you can share the Photos with your family and friends or download them. When do we get the photos? Editing the pictures needs time and during the main Season, there is lots to do. I promise to get them done within a month and i will send you some first Photos shortly after your wedding, so you have something to share and be happy about. you can Also start designing your 'Thankyou' Cards with them. What happens if you are ill and can't make it to the wedding? Thank GOD, this never happened before, but i am Highly connected with other Photographers, who have my style of Photography and I will make sure, i find one to be there for you. What if it rains on our wedding day? We will still take great photos! We will just go indoor or use some of my rain equipment, that also works if there are raindrops. By the way, u make the best photos in the shadow, the Morning sun or the dawn. Thats when the light is really smooth and you won't have any cast shadows around you.