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Beauty, hair and make up
Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling program helps to whiten teeth and detox the body. The 15 single use sachets contain organic Coconut oil, combined with our winning formula made up of choice essential oi...
Beauty, hair and make up
A 3 step, smart program to addess cellulite, improve skin tone and detox your body in just 10 minutes per day. Exfoliate your body for smooth and kissable skin with our Kese in-shower. Apply your C...
Beauty, hair and make up
3 step Home Facial Kit Boost your skin's radiance and treat fine lines and wrinkles before your wedding day arrives and age gracefully by boosting your skin's regeneration of collagen and elastin ...
Wedding 12 hrs, all digital files (apron. 600 files) on the DVD plus a wide story selection of about 150 pictures edited and printed out if wanted. all weddings are fully covered with a contrac...
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