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Wedding packages Tomar (Santarém), Portugal

Price per guest, USD
Gold menu, price per person
Tomar, Portugal
Reception Couvert Input Soup Fish Strip flavor Meat Dessert Coffee and digestive Buffet: Candy table Table fruit Cheese table Seafood table (shrimp, shoes and decorative lobster (100 gr. Per person)) Meal table Salad table Bride cake and sparkling Supper Cave: Wine wine "lords" | or | "find the fifth fernão pires" | or | "fifth são francisco" Wine red "annestora" | or | "dialogo niepoort" | or | "fifth são francisco" Wine green "quinta da aveleda" | or | "monument walls" Light white wine "sottal" Waters, refrigerants, beers, etc. Price per person + 23% vat (includes rent of fifth stick) Value of ementa calculated for a minimum of 120 people Includes: service supplies, still lots, attached, tables and chairs, flowers, empress printing, etc. Excludes: flowers, animation