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Holistic health & welllness spa day
South Ozone Park, United States of America
This package takes a full day to service and include your Wellness Meal & Beverages for the day !! Holistic Health Assessment: Holistic Health Consultation which includes: PH testing of urine & saliva, Blood Type Counseling, Weigh-In, Reflexology Treatment, Food combining tutorial, Blood Pressure Interpretation & suggestions on dietary intact going forward. We suggest 6 month followup visit to review your progress. No eating within two hours of Holistic Health Consultation. For example, If appointment is 12 p.m, no eating after 10 a.m. Full Body Massage: Includes back & shoulder heat for tension relief and relaxation. Includes essential oils to address issues of the body. We highly recommend having the Steam Sauna prior to the massage for a more relaxing experience. Foot Detox : Foot Detox is 1/2 hour & Bubble Foot Spa treatment is 1/2 hour. The Foot Detox is a health assessment and will reflect health challenges. Followed by a Bubble Foot Spa which is a pamper treat for your feet! Yoni Steaming for the Bride: YONI STEAM SPA TREATMENT BENEFITS: Toning of the Uterus & Vagina Increased Circulation Support Reproductive health Strengthening the Vagina & Uterus Anti-Parasitic Helps reduce PMS Symptoms Absorbs Body Odors Helps with Fibroids Helping Restore Hormonal Imbalances - Menopause & Hot Flashing Hemorrhoids Treatment will consist of herbal elixir tea of Red Clover (Blood Purifier) & Red Raspberry (Tones the Reproductive System). While drinking will sit on Yoni Steam on Stool. WOMB CLAY WRAP TREATMENT BENEFITS: Detoxing through the Skin Improve Circulation Assisting in shrinkage of Fibroid Tumors Thin layer of green clay applied to pelvic region over the womb and arteries of that region. It dries in place. Client can leave on for the day or may wash off at the end of the session. WOMB MASSAGE TREATMENT BENEFITS: Increase circulation & Relaxation of Uterus Stress Release Massage of from Pelvic region to help improve the circulation of the Reproductive system