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Our web site has a "Weddings" Selection on the banner - just click on it for general wedding information. Additional information about Mayhurst and 30+ photos of the Manor House, our 8 guest rooms, and our 37 acres of lawn, gardens, field and forest are also on our web site. You can also see our video at Mayhurst has hosted 124 weddings (including Rehearsal Dinners, Ceremonies and Receptions) ranging from 10 to 300 people. We have multiple venues on Mayhurst for virtually any size, or type, of ceremony and reception. Normally the bride and groom, or the bride’s family, lease the entire Mayhurst Plantation (37 acres), the Manor House (9000 Sq Ft), including all 8 guest rooms and common areas, for their rehearsal dinner and/or ceremony and reception, from 2:00 PM Friday to 12:00 Noon Sunday. Brides and Grooms normally have family and bridal party stay at Mayhurst for the two nights. Our prices include a Site Fee, starting at $1500.00 ($1579.50 including all taxes), plus the cost of all the rooms ($3267.93 including all taxes) on Friday and Saturday. With 8 guest rooms/suites we can accommodate up to 20 people for overnight stays. Some Brides, or their families, have some or most members of the wedding party that are staying at Mayhurst pay for their own room, which obviously lowers the cost for you. If you are planning on having guests and/or members of the wedding party who are from out of town, then they will have to have lodging somewhere and you will find that our room costs for 16 room nights (Friday and Saturday) is comparable with nearby hotels and other B&Bs. The "weekend" option also provides you with the opportunity to use Mayhurst as your base and to spend more time with the members of the wedding party and family who are either staying at Mayhurst or at other local B&Bs or hotels. Additionally, because you have Mayhurst for the entire weekend, there are no time constraints on how long the "parties" last on Friday and Saturday nights. A full breakfast, for all those staying at Mayhurst, is served both Saturday and Sunday morning and is included in the room cost. All meals/events at Mayhurst (except Breakfast) are catered – either by professional caterers or your family and friends. Caterers usually use our kitchen, which has 3 ovens, 6 surface burners, 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer and extensive counter space, for final prep and warming - not for the entire preparation of the meal(s). We provide the Brides and Grooms who book their wedding and reception with us with a wedding planning document that includes helpful hints, ways to reduce costs, contacts that may be useful, and a list of recommended caterers and all other vendors you might need, including; cakes, tents, tables, chairs, china, glassware and linens, florists, musicians and DJs, photographers, horse and carriage providers, other places for guests to stay (10 other B&Bs and 2 Motels all within 15 miles of Mayhurst), and much more. While you may use any caterer or any other vendor that you want, our list consists of only those vendors who have successfully participated in at least two weddings or events at Mayhurst. In many cases the Bride and Groom have Mayhurst do the coordination and/or contracting with many of the vendors you might need - e.g., Tent, Lights, Tables, Chairs, China, Silverware, Glassware, Linens, etc., while the bride concentrates on vendors like caterers, musicians, florists, and photographers. There is no additional charge for this coordination, nor do we get "kickbacks" from any vendor. The best price they offer us is what you get. We can, of course, put together any type of package you want, but would need to talk to you about your specific requirements. Without knowing a great many details about your plans it is virtually impossible to give you an estimated price for either a Rehearsal Dinner or Reception since seemingly simple things like choice of flowers, photographer, DJ or band, china, tables, chair type, linens, center pieces, tent, lighting etc. can vary the price significantly. Additionally, the number of guests, the type, quantity and variety of food and service options for Rehearsal Dinners and/or Receptions are almost unlimited. You should note however, that the quality of catering and other vendor services in and around Orange is equal to, or better than, similar services found in Northern Virginia, the Richmond area, or Charlottesville, while the cost is significantly less. The best way for you to determine if Mayhurst meets your needs for your special day is to visit Mayhurst. The best time to visit us would be between 12:00 AM and 4:00 PM so that we could spend time with you and so you could view some guest rooms and our property. On weekends we may be completely booked and could not show you any of the guest rooms. Please call for an appointment (540) 672-5597. We look forward to meeting you and to your wedding at Mayhurst. Jack and Pat North Mayhurst Inn 12460 Mayhurst Lane Orange, VA 22960
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