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Riga, Latvia Andrey
Hi! My name is Andrey Veselov. I am a professional Master of Ceremony and wedding host in Latvia, Riga. I speak three languages: English, Russian and Latvian. I do not have the legal right to do registration myself, although, I do have some options to offer: 1️⃣ First option from my side would be to conduct a "fake ceremony" after you register in the marriage registry office. You would first pass an official procedure at the office and then at the venue I would conduct a ceremony as if you would be getting married at the moment. This format is extremely popular nowadays. 2️⃣ Another option: you could try inviting an authorized person to the venue to do the legal part (you would sign documents on site) and I will do the celebration part. In all cases, I am preparing the unique script for your event and the ceremony usually takes around half hour time Also I have a professional DJ partner who will prepare the perfect fit playlist for all of you guys. On the other hand it is always an option to invite some sort of a band if you would prefer Live Music. Please don't hesitate to get back to me on which option would be more suitable for your couple and what would be more attractive for you to see during the ceremony, so I would be able to send you estimations on how do I see the event schedule and to send you an offer. I am ready to discuss and implement YOUR vision of your wedding ceremony. With kind regards, Andrey