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3 hours playing at wedding ceremony — Hoedown Party
Dunstable, United Kingdom
The Hoedown Band is one of the few bands in the country that can supply a full country hoedown and line dance experience. We perform a range of classic country rock, country and new country songs as well as playing hoedown / barn dance and country style line dances. We have many years experience in providing music for weddings and we will help ensure that your special event runs smoothly and that everyone - including you! - has a good time. You can read some comments from satisfied customers on our website as well as hear sound clips and see photographs of the band in action. The song set covers a wide range of material from classics like Jambalaya and Folsom Prison Blues, through the country rock from bands like the Eagles to new country from the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. If dancing is more your cup of coffee, then we do a mix of traditional Hoedown material, common American dances and line dance as requested. We cover all the main bases of square and traditional American Dances such as the Virginia Reel and can add in line dances and mix in country songs suitable for free form dancing. We find that our approach to calling, and the mix of dances is ideal for audiences who may be not be familiar with hoedown or line dancing, or indeed any kind of dancing at all. We have been successfully playing at American themed events, country music clubs and to American ex-pats for a number of years and have often had return bookings so I guess we must be doing something right. There are two basic options for band line-ups. The first option is a Hoedown Party which is a free form dance / concert set with a number of simple called line and barn dances. This option is our most popular offering and mixes popular up tempo country hits from all periods with enough dancing to keep everyone involved. This option features a five piece band of singer/caller, guitar/singer, banjo/mandolin bass guitar and kit drums. If you are looking for a more traditional barn dance with a few line dances and songs thrown in, then we can supply a five piece band including a caller/singer, fiddle, guitarist/vocalist, bass guitar and kit drums for a more dance orientated event. The band is fully self-contained, by this we mean that we provide all the equipment that we need to perform including PA and a basic lighting rig. All you need to provide is a space for us to play and at least two safe 13 amp power sockets. The band is also fully insured and the equipment has regular PAT safety checks. The duration of the live set can vary to suit your event but we tend play for up to 3 hours in a four hour period. If the band needs to be set up for a substantial period before the performance time then there may be an additional charge. We mix and match the songs with the hoedown and line dancing to give a balanced programme throughout the event. We can also play appropriate recorded music through the PA system during any breaks or after our performance, either from our library of tracks or from an iPOD supplied by you. The price quoted s valid within a 40 mile radius of Dunstable. Bookings further afield will have a travel surcharge.