Divine Doorways
Divine Doorways
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Originally it started with my own wedding. Not satisfied with arbour options available I decided to make my own unique feature arbour.
So I bought some old reclaimed and sanded them down 5 layers of paint to get that old weathered look. They still had the original 1920's door handles and brass fittings that I spent hours cleaning and polishing.
They were a standout and looked amazing, and I had so many comments that I should start a business so here I am!!

I have expanded my inventory to cater for more tastes and have doors a various sizes and styles.
All doors are completely free standing, great for concrete/paved areas or heritage sites where no staking is allowed on grounds. (for unstable grass areas some pegging may be required for stability or high wind)
Doors can be displayed separate as a ceremony entrance, used as backdrop for photos, cake stand or lolly buffet, or together with a floral arrangement (as pictured) decorated with items to match your theme (such as lanterns, chandeliers, curtains, ribbons, wreaths, photo frames etc.).

All door designs have an optional timber support which is removeable, so your beautiful decor can be relocated to another area like your bridal table for e.g after the ceremony (you pay enough for flowers so may as well get your monies worth!)
I have a few decorations available if you wish to use them at no extra cost, or supply all your own, it doesn't matter I will set up to your design on the day with all products you provide. This includes fresh flowers, if you supply them ill attach and arrange them for you.

Available for Hire ONLY.
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Divine Doorways
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