Ti Lifestyle- Wedding Photography
Ti Lifestyle- Wedding Photography
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Life is simple yet documentable 簡約生命可以記載
Every touching moment is no longer ephemeral 自然觸動不再是一晃而過
Allowing passion for photography to freely flourish 自由渾灑的每刻
Depicting colour and sound through light and shadow 用光影描繪聲色 快門奏起旋律
Pressing the shutter to produce memorable melodies 框錄於每一格
Every single shot taken is my commitment to life 是我對生活的體現
Those who are willing to be captured under my lens 每位願意留影在我鏡頭下的主角
Sustain me to bare my heart to life through every picture 支持我用攝影對生活作出最真誠的告白

。We life will be more beautiful than movies -- Big smile
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Ti Lifestyle- Wedding Photography
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