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Gewandfantasien in three words: Dress your fantasy!
Gewandfantasien is about unique and individuell weddings dresses, historical, fantasy or inspired by movies. Dresses and accessories are either handmade one of a kind items - show off items for a reduced rate - or custom made for you. Every dress, accessoire and jewelry is truly handmade and with much attention to all the fine details.

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Your own dress:
If you look for something I have not listed, just go ahead and contact me. We will talk everything through and I will give you a quote for your dream dress.

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Ordering your wedding dress:
Please ask ahead of time for a custom made dress as getting details set takes time as well as ordering fabric, making the dress and last but not least shipping it. For a wedding dress I'd recommend about 3-4 month prior to your wedding. I will not need all that time for making it but you want your mind free of worries for your wedding dress in the last weeks before your actual wedding.
I can make dresses for bridesmaids, too. Either the same dress in different colors or a certain color and/or fabric for different dresses. I cannot give discounts, though. But I can coordinate shipping like shipping more than one dress in one parcel which will safe quite a bit.

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Medieval wedding dresses
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