The Chianti Life Retreat/B&B
The Chianti Life Retreat/B&B
For a truly magical experience in the midst of the Topanga woodlands, you can lodge your wedding nights, or host your intimate wedding at The Chianti Life Retreat by Ciel.

A private couples retreat full of charm in the heart of the Topanga woodlands combining nature and a clear sense of Europe in America, the Chianti Life Retreat offers an unmatched atmosphere of romance and magic, as well as arguably some of the best food in LA with Chef Ciel’ s exquisite preparation of organic handmade foods following the high level style of classic French and authentic Italian cuisine, in ‘course dining.’ Raised with French heritage and a strong sense of European style, together with her years spent working with farmers and chefs off and on in the heart of Italy, Ciel has brought her passionate European influences home to America creating The Chianti Life Retreat, a place of passion, peace, privacy and romance in the woodlands of Topanga. The Chianti Life brand is synonymous with European charm, romance, & extraordinary food.
Sooth your body and soul with sessions of numerous modalities of individual or couples private massage therapy, as well as yoga, meditation, or Tai Chi.
The Chianti Life Retreat-wedding
The Chianti Life Retreat/B&B
Topanga, United States of America
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