Eventos La Rosa
My name is Jose Tubal and am passionate about my work.

I commissioned to design, manage and unique experiences for customers seeking added value to their events. My training at the School of Hospitality has helped me grow professionally in this wonderful world to offer the best service and the maximum quality in all its gastronomic celebrations.

But beyond that, I think on the other side as required, I make out to be a restless dreamer who seek stepping beat in every organization, seeking excellence in everything around my profession: decoration, cutlery, advertising, photography ... dream every step you progress and get closer and closer to your goals, knowing that more and more long and difficult. For this I am always creating new ideas, looking for "something more" that distinguishes me from the rest, that my client and meet their needs.

Imported inspiration offered me the world and transformed into true essence of the province.

In our website you can find out how we work, the passion that we put into it. We are at your disposal, you are welcome.

José Tubal
Events Manager La Rosa
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