Nancy and David Fine Jewels
Nancy and David Fine Jewels
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Nancy and David Fine Jewels celebrates the atypical, exceptional, and extraordinary.

The wife and husband team of Nancy and David Stone have long been recognized as pioneers of modern jewelry design since launching Nancy and David in 1980.

A lifelong romance that lives to this day began in 1974, when Nancy and David met in high school while she was a freshman and he, a senior. The lovebirds parted ways for college, while David attended George Washington University in DC, and Nancy opened a jewelry boutique in Cedarhurst, NY while attending Hofstra. After college they reunited and David realized that he could earn more by selling Nancy's creations than he could hope to earn at a corporate job so soon out of school. In 1980 he invested in Nancy's business, and they were married in 1982. Three years later Nancy and David were awarded the coveted Jewelry Designer of the Year award, and they soon had a staff of forty and millions of dollars in sales to stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, I Magnin and Bonwit Teller. The impact of their early iconoclastic designs still ripples through the upscale jewelry market today, some thirty years later.

Their commitment to family, quality over quantity, and making friends over making sales is readily apparent in all that Nancy and David do for their customers and community at large.

Unlike most luxury jewelry retailers which sell an assortment of overexposed brands and run of the mill pieces, Nancy and David celebrates the atypical, exceptional, and extraordinary. From their namesake bench-made collections and short-run lines from boutique ateliers, to antique and contemporary pieces created by master artisans, even the most discriminating gemstone connoisseurs behold Nancy and David’s best pieces with an alternating sense of reverence, shock and awe.
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Nancy and David Fine Jewels
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