Spring Hill Manor
A Barn Wedding "Way better" than the one you dreamed of
* Indoor or outdoor wedding and reception at one location
*Highest Bride satisfaction rating in the industry
*The entire wedding day is devoted to ONLY your wedding
*Venue is NOT ‘Tied’ to other venders; YOU choose your caterer, DJ, florist, etc.
*Wedding photos at Spring Hill Manor are unmatched - anywhere
*The wedding experience at Spring Hill Manor is ‘outside of the box’
* Your wedding will be "that wedding" that no one will forget
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contact; Jamie Sherrard 410-658-3815; sherrardjs@aol.com

Barn Weddings: The barn (built in 1844) is framed with massive hand hewn beams, secured with wooden pegs and decorated with an eclectic assortment of antiques, art and stained glass; the museum like presentation does not interfere with the casual, rustic mood of our events. The farmland surrounding the venue is tended by horse-drawn farm equipment (by my Amish neighbors) which, coupled with the country pond vista and the wildlife that it attracts, contributes a tranquil ambiance for your day.
Spring Hill Manor (springhillmanor.com)
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Barn wedding
Barn wedding
Spring Hill Manor Weddings
Spring Hill Manor Weddings
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