Hostal Girasol
This hostel besides its very spacious 7 rooms capable to accept up to 5 persons without being overcrowded and with its beautiful and cozy terraces, it also has additional beds for babies, tourism guide and personnel well trained to give a great service concerning trip arrangements for having a wonderful stay. The gastronomy service in our bar roof garden starts with continental breakfast and finishes with exquisite supper of the international cuisine , having the opportunity to taste and enjoy our cookery secrets and an unforgettable view of our city from the highest point of our property.
We are located down town, nearby different kind of tourism interests such as: Céspedes park, Casa Granda Hotel, The cathedral, Diego Velazquez museum, Rum and Carnival museum, Artex patio, Trova house, Music house, Traditional house, Padre Pico steps, Tivoli neighborhood, Clandestine struggle museum, Dolores square and central location we are also nearby Enramadas street where different kind of shops, restaurants, bars, banks and CADECA are.
Hostal Girasol Santiago de Cuba