Brooke Summer Photography
Brooke Summer Photography
Hey there, I'm Brooke. I have been called the top Denver boudoir photographer, I say I love working with women. Who's right? Both, maybe. ;)

I specialize in working with women and couples. I love to remind people of the special connections they have. Whether the connection is with your spouse or the special person in your life, or the connection with the hot chick inside of you that used to dance on the table at college!

I am an award winning photographer, nationally recognized for my work.

I have worked with LOTS of women and learned more about their stories. Moms, wives, sisters, daughters... we are all beautiful and it's important to nurture that. We ARE enough, and we are constantly reminded through media that something isn't quite up to par. Bodies, relationships, weight, hair... we're bombarded by the message that we aren't enough.

I believe that we are enough.

I want my photos displayed as art, to remind someone of a connection. I want a couple to see a photo on the wall every day, and when they're angry or sad and feel like they can't go anymore, I want them to be reminded that their relationship is important, and worth fighting for. I want my female clients to have their photos visible, even if it's only for them, so that when they look at themselves in the mirror and feel horrible, they are reminded that they're gorgeous.

Let's set up YOUR session today, to remind you of that sexy woman inside of you. To turn yourself into art, a beautiful piece to be displayed and admired! Or maybe a piece of art to be tucked away for specific eyes only. Either way, let's chat.
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Brooke Summer Photography
Denver, United States of America
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