Roberta De Min photographer
Roberta De Min photographer
Roberta De Min is a professional photographer from Belluno. She works all over Italy. Roberta has a true passion for weddings; most of all, she enjoys the relationship which grows between herself

and the bride and groom. She describes it as a spark that ensures there is a perfect understanding

between herself and the couple. They become friends, confidantes, a little of everything: and a

human bond comes into being which goes above and beyond the usual client-photographer relationship. She sees them smile, getting excited and nervous, and she is there, standing in the wings, silently excited for them and with them; because Roberta believes that “if you want to move people, you have to be moved yourself". On the day of your wedding, Roberta will accompany you during the whole event, capturing your emotions but always in a discreet, almost invisible way. She will let you feel free enough to express your deepest sentiments. In time these will become priceless, eternal memories which will allow you to relive the same emotions, even many years later.
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Roberta De Min photographer
Venice, Italy
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