William's Wildflowers
William’s Wildflowers is a studio florist and flower farm offering sustainably and locally grown, eco-friendly floral arrangements featuring Florida native plants and wildflowers for events of all sizes and types – weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, business and art openings, memorials or whatever you are celebrating.

We are a part of the nationally growing "Slow Flowers movement." We create custom, artistic, all-natural and textured floral arrangements and bouquets ranging from lush and wild to simple and chic and that are directly inspired by the seasons and the local environment.

We also offer “growing bowls”or planter centerpeices of Florida plants that we can lend to you for your event. If you choose, you can plant them in your garden afterwards or give them to your guests with a green thumb.

Invite nature to your celebration with Florida native blooms such as beach dune sunflower, climbing aster, blanket flower and coral honeysuckle.
Some of our portfolio
Wedding floral decor
Wedding floral decor