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The Remedies is Nashville's coolest party band focused on energizing every event with impeccably-crafted renditions and super-tight arrangements of current hits and popular classics! Three equally-talented, yet stylistically-unique lead vocalists allow the group to nail an amazing range of current and classic hits. In addition, the Remedies' girls work the crowd to ensure your reception is full of fist-pumping fun! The band's rhythm section makes the dance floor shake with deep grooves and the help of a heart-thumping professional sound system!

But while the group typically showcases pop, rock and dance hits from the past 30 years, they're also equipped to play a broader selection of Oldies, Motown, Country and other styles and genres in order to ensure your entire audience has something to remember and enjoy. For cocktail and dinner hours, the band will warm the room with lighter fare from artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Etta James, Van Morrison, Norah Jones, and more. For the older (paying -ha!!) crowd, the band can draw from its great selection of classic hits from artists like Aretha Franklin, Al Green, The Spinners, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond and more. Point is, their set list is as diverse as it is deep allowing the band to practically custom tailor a set list for any event and ultimately take your gathering into a full-blown dance party for all!!!!!

Comprised of veteran musicians with extensive professional experience, they're sure to bring you some of the best live music Nashville has to offer! The band can fill any size reception venue with concert quality sound, visually stimulating lighting, and high-energy performance. If you're searching for the perfect band for your wedding reception, look no further because you found the 'Remedy' for your entertainment needs. It's all the fun without the typical cover band cheese!

The Remedies...The cure for the common cover band!
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