Echo Photography
I'm Maggie, a Salt Lake City boudoir photographer for women and brides who are ready to explore their inner and outer beauty.

Through my posing artistry, attention to detail, and calm presence, I'm here to help you discover how beautiful and sexy you truly are- while daring you not to show off your stunning photographs to the world.

My photographs have been called ‘f*cking amazing,’ and clients have said ‘I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the first one,’ and ‘I love them even more the more I see them!”

And when I'm not taking photographs, you can find me indulging in makeup & beauty products, snuggling with my husband and daughter, trying my hand at a new hobby, and hanging out in the beautiful outdoors.

If you're ready to book your wedgie’s-are-not-optional photo shoot shoot me a message!
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White wedding shoes
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