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NAMED AM NY’s “Best Dance Class” of 2009 * Bachelorette Parties and Weekly Dance Classes for All Levels * Whether you have years of dance training or just minutes of your own glory in front of your mirror or in a club, DivaDance offers classes for all levels, shapes, and sizes of Diva. Our popular bachelorette and birthday parties are a unique addition to your party plans – perfect for every ability level. Choose from a variety of packages and from dozens of songs and routine types – ranging from hip hop to DivaStrip (our signature sexy class!) Pole dancing is played out (not to mention challenging for first timers) – your DivaDance party will be memorable for years to come! In our weekly DivaDance classes you aren’t being critiqued, judged, or given a “once over” by the other women in the class. Everyone comes to have a great time and leave feeling confident, sexy, and like a bad-ass-DivaDancer who just stepped out of the latest music video.
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