Laure Selignac wedding gifts and favors
Laure Selignac wedding gifts and favors
Since 1919, the maison Laure Selignac has been the specialist of fine Limoges porcelain hand-painted and delicately detailed with gold relief. The company and its artists take great pride in using only the most traditional methods in their process of creation whether it is for a classic Mary Antoinette tea set or a fashionable and cutting-edge jewelry design.
Schooled in the methods of the Royal School of Sèvres, the artists at Laure Selignac are rare in their skillset and expertise. They posess a "savoir-faire" not often seen in today's world of porcelain and table decoration. Laure Selinac is often invited to demonstrate their knowledge at events held by partners in the luxury industry such as the Crillon in Paris and Hermès.
Indeed, over the years our connection with the Hermès group has grown as our artists are regularly invited to highlight their skills for the Festival des Metiers -Hermes at venues across the world including Madrid, Singapore and Korea just to name a few.
Likewise, the maison Laure Selignac is proud to featured in many of the most prestigious homes and businesses including those of the Princess of Japan, the Tour d'Argent, the Château de Versailles and most notably, the home of former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing who also served as the Chaiman of the Jury for the 2010 Prix Laure Selignac.

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Laure Selignac wedding gifts and favors
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