Gio Flores US Educated High Definition Makeup Specialist
Gio Flores US Educated High Definition Makeup Specialist
A gentle stroke across the brow, a seemingly magical slight of hand to erase a blemish. Whenever Gio Flores' clients gaze upon themselves in the mirror, they come to the realization that they are seeing themselves at their most beautiful. As a makeup artist, his greatest gift is to see the potential of beauty in every face beyond the little imperfections that mar it.

While Gio is known for transforming his clients' looks, he is no stranger to self-revolution. A graduate of the Makeup Designory, considered to be the Harvard of makeup schools; and Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Los Angeles, the pioneer in makeup education in the United States; as well as Temptu Pro in New York, Gio has come a long way from his humble beginnings scrubbing toilets in the cubicles of the country's top fast food chain.

Such a dramatic rags to riches story was spurred by Gio's one mission statement in life: "My passion is for you to look your best," he says. "It is my sincerest desire and goal to help others to look their best and feel good about themselves." After all, there's nothing like a little boost of self-confidence spurned by the knowledge that you have never looked so beautiful. He adds, "By making the transformation on the outside happen, I know I can make that change in their hearts happen too. I have used my love for makeup to touch other peoples' lives and bring out the best in them." Having honed a strong sense of professionalism after working for the Jollibee Foods Corporation for eight years, he took the plunge and specialized in high definition makeup, done under the scrutiny of modern hi-tech lenses. To date, Gio continues his education by flying to the US every so often to learn from some of the most highly recognized makeup artists in Hollywood.

Gio's efforts to constantly learn have definitely paid off. His most loyal clients have christened him the "magic maker" and some of today's top beauty queens have credited him with achieving their dreams.
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Gio Flores US Educated High Definition Makeup Specialist
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
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