Paul Morrissey Wedding Photographer

Paul Morrissey Wedding Photographer
I believe the key to outstandingly creative wedding images is to build and create a unique understanding between the photographer and the client. It is so important that from the outset we develop a clear brief of the exacting wishes of each and every client.
No two commissions are ever the same. Elements like the location, the wedding format and the animation of the wedding parties can all lend to the sense of occassion which I always strive to capture in vivid colour and rich contrasting black and white images.
My background of 20 years of experience in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Commercial Photography have allowed me to develop my own unique style of wedding photography. The skills I have developed stem from a fundamental understanding of light and composition. The creativity that has been an essential element of my training allows me to see potential in almost any composition.
Having over two decades working with cutting edge photo editting software along with the very latest hardware I have been able to provide my clients with blemish free images using a limitless range of digital effects. This ability to enhance the end product provides me with the vital tools to create stunning story books & wedding albums and more importantly exceeding my clients every expectation.
Second only to my camera’s is my assistant, a vastly experienced model with over 10 years experience in Catwalk shows, Magazine Photoshoots, Product Promotions and Exclusive Event Promotions. Her keen eye for composition, excellent communication skills and a wonderful ability to ensure the Bride remains the number one priority on the day make her a very valued asset to any successful days shoot.
We work on a nationwide basis with the main concentration of our work taking place in Munster. Please feel free to contact our studio through our on line request form. Thank you


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