Xenia Hospitality Solutions

Xenia Hospitality Solutions
“Xenia” is the Greek concept of hospitality. The Greeks believed that generosity and courtesy should be shown
to those who are our guests. Xenia functions on these basic but simple guidelines....Literally translated Xenia means "guest-friendship".

Xenia Events aims at developing a relationship with clients that make them feel comfortable and part of a family.
Xenia is determined to have long term relationships by delivering a service par
excellence within the budget you have set. At Xenia we understand how important
your event is. The fact that you would want to share it with people to share it with means that moment is important to you and in turn that event becomes important to us.

Let us explain:

Imagine the most important day in your life is approaching. You have a vision, which you want to see manifested and a million minds to please. As the date approaches you have forgotten about the giveaways for the mehendi or on the day of the event you have forgotten to run a small errand. What is even more disheartening is the fact that your near and dear ones are running around and not joining in the festivities. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one person to co ordinate with and if something you thought was amiss you had just one number on speed dial. We are that one number!

Let Us invite you to your own wedding!

As we take care of everything so nothing gets left out and your family actually watches you smile with sheer radiance on your special day.


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