Darbs photography
Darbs photography
I've always been interested in photography & started as a kid with film cameras. Using these cameras taught me one important lesson....make it count, you only have 24 shots!

Then I began backpacking around the world. I wanted to capture everything I saw. When my images were not representing my experiences I pursued an education in photography and bought better cameras. I loved capturing colourful landscapes & beaches, but most of all the people I saw in far away lands. I refined and perfected my skill. Then my 2 sons were born & I naturally pointed the camera at them. Soon my friends wanted me to take pictures of their kids, then came family & friends weddings. My evolution from enthusiastic amateur to professional has been totally organic.....I never set out to make it my job, but I seem to have an eye for capturing emotions & so, wedding photography has found me.

I’m dedicated, friendly, adaptable, experienced and willing to go the extra mile.
I have pro cameras and lenses and more importantly know how to use them to get amazing images. I prefer to use natural light & I like to capture people acting naturally.

I live in Northern NSW, Australia. My work is mainly local but I do travel for clients (Special preferences given to tropical climates with waves or Japanese snow resorts).

Oh, and Darbs?? It's my nick name. My name is Kevin, but only my mum calls me that.


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