Zopango private Island
Zopango private Island
Zopango Island, or a New Approach to Luxury...

Where time notion & classical hotels standards are forgotten...
Located in the Asese Bay, Zopango is only 30 minutes away from Granada.

Zopango Island, member of The International Ecotourism Society and also Tourism Excellence awarded,
has been open to a selected & responsible tourism since 2008.

Zopango Island can receive 120 guests for your wedding reunion and our Charm Hotel 'Casa Zopango' welcomes 10 guests (8 adults & 2 kids) for the night.

At Casa Zopango, it is all about Reconnecting with yourself, your other half & Nature!
Zopango is surrounded by always calm & delicious waters all year round thanks to its ideal location in the Bay and also to the wind shield provided by its own archipelago…
Zopango has the largest beach area of the Bay!
Zopango, a Guest-Only island, offers more than 7000 sq. meters of lush vegetation beautifully preserved & looked after by the owners, the Bersani family, and its islander team.
Zopango Island offers unique experiences, completely off the beaten paths,
intimately & friendly tight with nature for guests to 'hide-away'...
Easy-access paths, stunning old trees, delicate orchids & rare exotic birds easy to observe!
The french owners, who also speak spanish & english , attend you personally and will be mindful of your well-being during your event and stay.
See you soon! Hasta pronto! A bientôt!
Your wedding at a private island, yours for the day!
Zopango private Island
Granada, Nicaragua