Bon Me Foods
Bon Me is run by Boston-bred duo Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong. The business was born in 2010 when the two decided to enter the City of Boston’s Food Truck Contest on a whim and surprised themselves by winning. With their win came the opening of the first Bon Me truck in 2011.

Our name and food are inspired by the classic Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich. The Bon Me Sandwich, our most popular item, is a decidedly non-authentic bánh mì, and those daring enough to take a step outside the traditional are sure to be met with a tasty meal made with the freshest ingredients and full of bold, unique flavors.

We strive to make as many house made items as we can. From the drinks to the dressings, if we can make it from scratch, we will. We’re also aware of the many dietary restrictions our customers have – as a result, there are numerous vegan, vegetarian and gluten friendly options on board.

Our trucks and our delivery catering are excited to serve you our fun, flavorful food on your special day. Please check out our packages below for our catering options, but also go to our website at for more information and to view a detailed menu!
Bon Me Foods
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