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Based in Montreal, Suitablee aims to be one of the leading providers of formalwear in the world. With its goal to completely revolutionize the way that people purchase formalwear, Suitablee drop-ships to your door authentic custom-tailored suits and shirts designed with its unique online platform. By providing a unique state-of-the-art online platform, Suitablee's customers are able to completely customize and design their suits and shirts online or in the comfort of their homes or office.

Customers also benefit from being able to book appointments with our mobile tailors at their home or office. Once there, our tailors showcase over 500 fabrics to choose from. From there, “You design. We tailor.” No other company offers the mobile tailoring service we offer in Montreal.

Beyond just providing a state-of-the-art buying experience, Suitablee prides itself in delivering products that are personally hand-tailored with the care of its famous Suitablee Tailors based in Vietnam. Fabrics are of premium quality from the UK and Italy.
Montreal, Canada
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