Kaki Bites catering services
Kaki Bites catering services
Aside from great food, we create fantasy weddings according on our clients desired themes.
What do Brides & Debutantes really want in a Catering?
What are you looking for?
We are always passionate to know what Brides and Debutantes really want from us. That is why in 16 years of service we conduct studies and research to our brides and debutantes for us to fully meet their demands and expectations.

And after years of research, finally we identify what they really want “Great Food” & “Extravagant Settings” that will fulfill their dream wedding/debut. That’s when NARCISSUS CATERING & STYLING was born.
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Pure elegance theme
Pure elegance theme
Kaki Bites catering services
Quezon City, Philippines
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