Wedding Ring Workshop
Wedding Ring Workshop
The Wedding Ring Workshop is with jeweller Brian Adam. This workshop gives you the opportunity to make your own wedding bands and to make them together. You might even like to make each other's ring; with much consultation with the other, of course.
After these few hours in the jewellery studio you will have made your own wedding bands from scratch, and made them together. Naturally you will both have constant facilitation from Brian who will walk you through each process.
Allow at least 4 hours to complete your wedding rings. The hand techniques you will use are considered to be simple and effective: filing, sanding, melting, forging, sand casting, hammering. You may even request that Brian does some things if they're too tricky for you.
Tuition and facilitation with jeweller Brian Adam will cost a fee of $750 per couple, depending on the complexity of your design in addition to the material cost. As a rough guide allow $900 to $2000 per ring in yellow, rose, or red gold. Naturally, cost depends on the alloy (22k 18k 14k 10k 9k), physical dimension,
design details, finger size, and the price of gold.
There is nice little self-contained room above the jewellery studio which is perfect for couples attending a Wedding Ring Workshop. Ask about availability.
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What Goes On - Brian
Wedding Ring Workshop
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