Aksana photography
Aksana photography
My mission is to paint emotions, is to tell stories that are drawn on my subjects’ expressions. I have devoted all my studies to photography: I am proud to have graduated with honours from the University Anglia Ruskin of Cambridge (BA Hons) in photography. In my teenage years, I attended the technical school of Minsk and perfected my techniques at college in the UK.

I have been pursuing art projects and exhibited at the Old Truman Brewery in London and in Cambridge. I like to think my art as a tribute to human endeavours. I trust that art, like men, is capable of thriving in the best as in the worst conditions.

With the same philosophy I approach my work with my clients. I want to picture the inner voice of people. I want to catch the joy of a game, the love of being together, the tenderness of beauty. My photo sessions are fun, intimate and very intense, in which I and my clients enjoy the time together.
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Aksana photography
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