Makalipon production photography
Makalipon production photography
Makalipon is a company that specializes in providing
Photography services, established in 2011 and sited its
company in Jakarta

Ever since the first move entering into the business, we have brought
forward the vision to uphold pride and dignity. While at the same time reaching
out our goal to be one of the most recognized players in marketing and
communication industry in Indonesia

The Mission has inspired us to be a professional partner in nurturing both
products and services dedicated to local industry in particular and
international industry in general. The growth will lead the products and
services into the pace of national or international recognition.
Outdoor Photoshoot
Other projects
Self portrait
Self portrait
Edi & Steffi Prewedding
Edi & Steffi Prewedding
Makalipon production photography
Jakarta, Indonesia
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