Native Mystical Wedding
Native Mystical Wedding
The Native Wedding or Spiritual wedding it is based on the traditional ceremonies of the Native Americans and also we can adapt special request of the bride and the groom. It is a very emotional and deep ceremony which reaches into the heart of the couple and guests.
At the arrival of the bride and groom to the altar we receive them with the music of the drums, native chants and the smoke of the copal. The Shaman welcomes them and presents the purpose of the ceremony.
With the sound of the seashell and the drum we ask for permission to the four directions, East, West, North and South, to the heart of the Heaven the Star Beings, to the heart of the Mother Earth and to the Center of the Universe which is the Love itself.
In this manner we set up a central attention and relation as regards to the ceremony, the spiritual union of the couple.
Godparents come to the couple to offer a blanket with which it covers the couple and seven slats of the rainbow colors with which we tied the couple.
The blanket symbolizes the universe that covers them and the slats the seven rays of light that will light their path.
During this union the Shaman will bless them with the four elements in the altar.
We will spread them the Sacred corn and the grains symbolizing the blessings and abundance of our Mother Earth, so asking for health and abundance in their lives.
They will be blessing with the Water and flowers praying for their relationship.
With water and rose petals the groom will wash the feet of her and she to him, symbolizing the dedication, humility and service in their lives and their relationship.
They will share the fruit, the sweet and the bitter chocolate; she will feed him and him to her, praying to share everything in life and to be together in sweet and bitter moments.
They will be blessing with the smoke of the copal praying for their understanding.
And finally blessed with the Spirit of the Fire....continue...
Native Wedding Ceremony
Native Mystical Wedding
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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