Clint Bargen photography
Clint Bargen photography
Dear Bride and Groom,

You will spend months, possibly a year, planning the perfect day. From the dress, to the flowers, down to the detailed intricacy of the invitations, every part of your wedding will be a reflection of who you are, as individuals and as a couple. My name is Clint Bargen and I am a West Vancouver based Wedding Photographer. As your wedding photographer, I would capture every smile, every dance and every embrace that would come from this wonderful moment. Throughout my career, I have seen all types of weddings, I have met wonderful people and was able to provide magical memories for the Bride and Groom to cherish for a lifetime.

My approach, like the event itself, is quite intimate. The one thing I really love is witnessing and capturing the joy and intimacy between yourselves, your families and your friends. Weddings are the truest sense of celebration, and it would be my honour to be a part of your day. I know that there are so many routines, customs, and decorations with flair, but what it really comes down to is the connection between the bride and groom. The images taken will strongly reflect that connection, as my values and visual style are closely intertwined. Ultimately, my aim is to compliment your day. Each will be a snapshot moment, showcasing emotion in every corner of the frame. I believe the best couples to work with are the ones who share the same values and principles. That way, when you get the images back from your wedding, it will reflect the emotional content desired, and will be the photos you are looking and hoping for.

Best Wishes,
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Clint Bargen photography
North Vancouver, Canada
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