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Our style being a combination of photojournalism and fine-art is all about capturing everything from the warm smiles to the tears at the ceremoy, the details on tables and finding perfect light to capture your love. It is all about you two and the love you share on that special day
These little moments are as much as perfect as they are fleeting and our goal is to capture those moment and tell your story. Getting to work on your wedding day is all the bits and pieces. There is beauty and adoration through the lens of a camera and we would love to share your story
We believe it is much more interesting to tell stories using photographs, which thankfully, is exactly what we get to do. We narrate your world with a series of photos that tell the story about the everyday you. Images that draw you back into that moment, that make you feel beautiful, that say exactly who you are.
We are honoured oud work has cought your eye
So, hello, we are TinyBizz and we would like to share some photos with you
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TinyBizz Photography
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