Greetings! We are Weddings & Motifs, Event Stylist, Wedding Florist and Professional Event Coordinators. We are an ACCREDITED SUPPLIER in Fernwood Gardens and Fernbrook Gardens, now Pallazo Verde in Alabang.

Our styling and flower arrangements, from ceremony, entourage and reception styling is known for its beauty, elegance and quality. We don’t use local roses and Malaysian Mums (which is usually use for Sympathy Wreaths). We import our flowers in North America so the cost is almost the same as the local ones but the quality is 4x better.

We are known professional Event Planners/Coordinators with 10 years experience in the Wedding Industry. Considered to be one of the most efficient Coordinating team with our Full Computerized Guest management System. Do check
The "i do's" of Julius and Kara Aglibo at Fernwood Gardens
Manila, Philippines
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