Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort
Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort
Aqua Wellness Resort is nestled in a dramatic setting, cradled by a private cove and sheltered white sandy beach. We are located on Nicaragua’s “Emerald Coast”, 12 km north of San Juan Del Sur, with uninterrupted sunset views of the Pacific Ocean.

Our cove is part of a tropical dry forest climate that alternates between hot sunny days most of the year, and from
June to October, a greener season characteristic of the tropical rain forest.

We do our best to preserve and protect this natural habitat, which we see as our most precious resource. Redonda Bay teems with fascinating land and marine life. We invite you to indulge in an experience that is proudly created with the warm touch of our local community. Enjoy a luxurious platform from which to reconnect to nature, our communities, and yourself.
Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort
Tola, Nicaragua
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