Nyaman Group
NYAMAN Group is a leader in the luxury tourism industry in Indonesia. Our mission is to provide the best-quality services and products to make your travel experience in Bali a moment of lifetime. Our group operates in the luxury villas rental with its graceful Nyaman Villas and Villa Chocolat, located in the heart of Oberoi, Seminyak, which very beautiful villas venue for wedding or memorable event. We also offer tailor-made diving cruises across the National Park of Komodo and sailing with our private cruise called Perjuangan Boat. Nyaman Group also owns a unique art gallery which exhibits surprisingly talented artists and quickly became an unmissable place in Seminyak. Finally, our elegant Nyaman Boutique offers hand-made clothing, jewelry and bags designed with high quality materials.
Wedding & Honeymoon in Nyaman Villas
Other projects
Honeymoon on Perjuangan Boat
Honeymoon on Perjuangan Boat