Shambhala Lounge
Shambhala Lounge
The venue distinguishes itself from the conventional, with its gazebos, hammocks and bean bags, attracting people that are looking for a place to relax and unwind, surrounded by lush nature.

Whether it's a perfectly prepared wedding, a reception or a business conference, we know how to create the right environment.

Shambhala Lounge has some strong advantages:
Location - in the Atlantic Forest, at the foot of the Serra da Bocaina, only 5 km from Paraty.
Capacity - salon (80 people seated), deck and gazebos (40 people seated) and an expansive lawn giving the possibility of placing several tents. Parties up to 500 people.
Flexibility - the infrastructure is completely modular, making it easy to convert it into a restaurant room, a bar-lounge, or a space for parties.
Easy access - parking space for car and bus. For events, we can organize a shuttle service between the Lounge and the Historical Center.
Gastronomy - the Shambhala Lounge has its own kitchen, serving a wide variety of culinary delights. Each case is different and each event again raises specific issues - we create a specific menu for each event.

Shambhala Lounge is a branch of Shambhala Spa - we also offer packages Spa, yoga classes and the Spa Bride's Day.
Wedding 150 guests
Other projects
Wedding 70 guests
Wedding 70 guests
Shambhala Lounge
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil