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Elevate your day with a lollipop! Pandora's Pops™ are delicious organic candies, powered with herbs and essential oils to bring you new experiences. Each style is custom blended to prepare your brain and body for something fresh. The most adventurous are our Aphrodisiac Pops, activating your love life. We also offer Calming Pops for stress, Happy Genius pops for mental clarity and mood, Silicon Valley Startup Pops for stimulating innovation, and Smoke-Stop Pops to help quit tobacco.

The delicious flavors are contemporary spins on classics, such as Hot Professor and La Vie en Rose. Like most mouth-watering delicacies, they are free of artificial flavorings and corn syrup. Instead, they tickle your tongue with essential oils and fair trade, organic ingredients. These breakthrough lollipops, handmade by holistic health artisans in San Francisco, are here to share joy with you.

Pandora’s Pops began as a series of fun experiments, and the results kept saying yes. We ran a successful Kickstarter in 2013, consistently generate 5-star customer satisfaction reviews, and are now beginning to appear in select stores. Learn more on our website:
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