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Kransekake/Kransekage cake or "Wreath cake" is the traditional wedding cake of Norway, Denmark, & other Nordic countries. Our bakery can bake you the traditional shape as shown above. The layered almond rings are gluten free and made from scratch to meet your needs. You may pick up or we ship.

Kransekake in addition to being used for celebrations other than weddings likewise often is constructed differently as appropriate. Our Kransekake normally comes in one of three sizes - small (9 rings), medium (12 rings) and large (15 rings). They are held together by Royal icing (we pasteurize our egg whites first). Additionally special orders are possible including but not limited to forming a basket, or on its side into a Cornucopia horn, or into a baby crib, etc all allowing for treats or gifts to be put inside.

All our cakes are made from the finest almonds. We grind them fresh to make our own almond meal. These are gluten free and yeast free but they do contain egg whites so there is some dairy. The hard outer shells contain chewy almond centers. We need at least 3 days lead time plus time to ship due to each cake being a special order. We do not normally have any pre-made.

P.S. Cakes are fragile. We normally do not ship them assembled due to this. Icing is provided for assembly. We can ship assembled but it is not recommended. Our price reflects the high cost of all natural almonds.
Cakes assembled and decorated by customers
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