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Liège waffles are a centuries-old delicacy first baked by an 18th-century chef for the prince-bishop of Liège. Despite its long history, no Liège waffle recipe was officially recorded until 1921. One thread has remained the same through its history, traditional Liège waffle recipes have always called upon Belgian pearl sugar as its key ingredient. Our Belgian pearl sugar is made from locally grown beet sugar in Tienen, Belgium, also known as the epicenter of sugar production in Belgium.

Belgian pearl sugar caramelizes within the waffle, creating the luscious effect of crunchy pockets of sweetness. Belgian pearl sugar is great in a variety of recipes and gives a delightful crunchy texture and delicately sweet flavor to pastries, cookies, and breads. As a common European gourmet baking ingredient, sugar pearls are also used to decorate cakes and desserts. Waffle Pantry offers 100% authentic pearl sugar imported from Belgium. From our pantry to yours!
Belgian Liege Waffles
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