Mercy Picture Perfect
Mercy Picture Perfect
Specialist on Wedding/prewedding photography & photobooth for all events

Finding the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding Day can be very daunting and can sometimes become a stressful part of the process for some couples... But it shouldn't have to be !
“For the moment that will never be repeated”....
.....This is our credo and then we straighten our passion while taking a photo with all our senses during the ' big day ' of our brides and grooms.
The wedding ! A special day, a wonderful occasion, recollections which should be preserved to one a life long as a wedding report. With a wedding report exactly these recollections and emotions are caught.
There is nothing amusing to stick as the ceremonious moments of a bride and groom - from the preparations up to ring handing over and the next wedding celebration - with all her, emotional and choice refinements rich in detail with photos. Often these are only tiny moments of the luck which make, however, the big day perfect and in it the quite special charm lies for us !
Mercy Picture Perfect
Denpasar, Indonesia
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