KK Wedding photography
KK Wedding photography
I've been a Wedding Professional Photographer for almost a decade, and I love to capture images revealing love, happiness, hope, excitement and the entire spectrum of human emotion. It's a challenge and a thrill, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Many of my images have won numerous awards from the Wedding Journals, Social Media like Weddingsonline and MRs2B and National Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

I capture the authentic, intimate moments that wow my clients and build my business!

Wedding Photography is the subject which needs extremely wide range of experience. Top recognizable Wedding Photography is a combinations of three factors. Reportage Wedding Photography, Portrait Wedding Photography and Creative Wedding Photography.

As an experienced Reportage Wedding Photographer I try to not only describe reality as it is. But to combine it with Portraiture and Creative Photography. In my Portraits I am trying to show the real nature of the human and the personality.

In Reportage Wedding Photography I love to use wide angle lenses. It is sometimes not easy to do so. But the experiences I feel wile taking those kind of photographs is unforgettable. I can purely feel people emotions and smell of their perfumes.

My photographs are full of emotions, happiness and beautiful moments.

My Wedding Photography is a combination of Fine art, Portraiture and Photojournalism

I would like to invite you for to see my Wedding Galleries. I wish this journey to bring something meaningful in to your lives and inspire you.


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Portrait of The Bride
KK Wedding photography
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