Photographe mariage Bordeaux
Photographe mariage Bordeaux
I live in Bordeaux and I'm a photo-reporter, so I make a complete reportage of your wedding, from your preparation, to the dance floor. It allows me to render your whole story in detail. To make the pictures look as natural and authentic as possible, I prefer that you try to forget my presence. I don't use the flash (only during nightime), because I use wide aperture lenses (f/1,4).

After your wedding day, I select and process the pictures to give you the best quality, and the more personal work possible (it takes me 3 days). I prefer to use vivid and warm colors for this happy day but I can use black and white photographies when it is appropriate. I can adjust to your wishes.

I give access to an internet website, to share with your family and friends. The website is private, iphone/ipad compatible, and remains accessible during one year.

After that, I give you a usb key, with at least 500 pictures, not copyrighted and in big size.

I do all this work by myself, so it will be comparable to the pictures you've seen on my website, my blog or my facebook page
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Photographe mariage Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France
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