Hilos de Plata LA CALA
Hilos de Plata LA CALA
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Headpieces and jewelry, hand knitted with silver threads. Online Store, shipping worldwide from BARCELONA www.hilosdeplata.com
Hilos de platas's first collection was introduced in 2006 and since then has gained international success. Its work has been recognized every year at the prestigious contemporary design competition Enjoia't, winning prizes in 2007 and 2008.
This success in designing avant-garde silver jewelry as well as a multitude of custom work, leads the Studio to venture into the bridal market, presenting its first collection especially designed for brides.
Each piece is elaborated for expert artisan hands; by the designer herself or by the team of craftswomen that La Cala has in Peru, supporting fair trade in Paola's birthplace.
Silver Hand Made Bridal Headpieces
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Hilos de Plata LA CALA
Barcelona, Spain
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