SDE Weddings
SDE Weddings
SDE Weddings is a Toronto based wedding video company that specializes in videography, cinematography and photobooth.

SDE weddings had humble beginnings as a boutique Toronto wedding videography firm headed by a handful of home-grown Torontonian filmmakers with a passion for capturing life’s precious moments in its fullest. From our first moments filming our own home movies to being part of the centre stage in filming countless weddings for a plenitude of pleased couples, we aim to provide our very best work in delivering you unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

We are passionate in our craft, and believe that our expertise in wedding videography and cinematography, and various facets of filmmaking will be the best choice for you in creating a timeless token to share with loved ones and friends. Our company mantra’s centrepiece is ‘love’, and we are well aware of how monumental a wedding is as an act of love and devotion, and believe too that we are devoted to truly bringing our finest work to you, in sharing your boundless act of love to the world around.

We have a specialized team of wedding videographers, cinematographers, video editors and more, that are committed to bringing their A-game to the table, whatever the occasion may be. Our emphasis for our company is sustainability and the highest standard of quality, which is why our creative assets are limited to a handful of weddings each time. This is done to ensure that our very best work is manifest in every project we endeavor, and to make sure our customers are more than pleased with our service.

Creativity, commitment and an eager willingness to put our artistic talents to the test is what sets us apart as a team of wedding filmmakers in Toronto. We hope as well that you too can put us to the test, and we promise to captivate you with our work.
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SDE Weddings
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